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6000 gallon (27000 litre ) CAN/ULC S 601 double walled split tank .
Split tanks can be build and proportioned to meet the customer's needs
and accessorized with skids, stairs , catwalks etc.

1000 gallon ( 4321 litre) CAN/ULC S 601 double walled tank
Stock paint included a SSPC Sp6 sandblast , 1 coat zinc primer, 1 coat
epoxy paint and 1 coat polyurethane top coat.
Custom colors possible for a fee. 

2 white 13713 liter tanks

Custom bolt on platforms, skids ,extensions etc.. also available as
optional equipments 

ULC S 652 Used oil tanks ranging in sizes from 250
gallon (1114 litres)

We Deliver!

Delivery on our own trucks or customer pick up can be accommodated ,
we deliver to Nova Scotia, PEI, and most of NB 


Arichat Metal Fabrication Limited