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Oil Tanks - Residential and Commercial

Residential (double bottom)

Double Bottom Residential Oil Tanks are manufactured to ULC S602 (latest edition) specifications using 2.5 mm-3.0 mm ASTM-A1011 Steel. Our tanks are tested once for the primary tank and a second time with the double bottom at 5 P.S.I.G. Our double bottom residential tanks come with a 10 year warranty against manufacturer’s defects and we carry $2,000,000 environmental damage coverage. We also offer valve protectors, gauge protectors and can offer custom opening configurations.
Double Bottom Utility Tanks are manufactured to ULC S602 and ULC S601 (latest edition) specifications for use with fuel oils, lubricating oils, and combustible liquids. Often times these tanks are referred to as Farm Grade Tanks. These tanks can be supplied with shop primer or an optional 3 part paint system to suit your needs. Custom openings are available at an extra charge.

- - Commercial (double wall)
- Commercial/Farm Style (double bottom)

Double Wall Commercial Oil Tanks are manufactured to ULC S601 (latest edition) specifications built with ASTMA A-1011 Steel and the structural components are 44 w grade. The tank is tested twice at 5 P.S.I.G. to ensure a safe leak free tank. Once completed tanks are held under vacuum for 5 days and the vacuum recorded to ensure the tank is ready to ship. Tanks come with a ULC/ORD 142.19 spill container and openings to customer requirements. Our tanks come with vacuum monitored system with gauge and interstitial elbows that are ULC approved. We sandblast the tank and put 1 coat of zinc primer, 1 coat of epoxy paint and 1 coat of polyurethane topcoat. Tanks can be built in single compartment or multiple compartment design, ladders, galvanized stairs, skids, extensions, bollards, manholes etc can be provided. 
We offer additional items for purchase to help complete your Double Wall Commercial Tank needs such as galvanized or painted stairs & platforms & ladders, lifting hooks, spill boxes and saddles. 

Split Double Wall Commercial CAN/ULC S601 tanks are special orders that come with ladders/fill platform or stair/fill platform on each end, may also be supplied with a common centre fueling location at the centre of the tank.

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