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Installation Recommendations & Warranties

Oil Tank Documentation:

Although we no longer manufacture commercial or residential oil tanks we still offer some documentation and customer service for our previous customers. Here you can find our Dip Charts and Installation Recommendations & Warranties.
The domestic tank warranty (household tank) explains the criteria for warranty on a 2.8mm (12 gauge) steel domestic double bottom tanks. In case of a leak please contact Arichat Metal Fabrication Limited immediately to report it. Arichat Metal Fabrication Limited holds $2,000,000.00 environmental damage coverage per incident in the case of faulty welds and workmanship leading to the release of product.
If you have a serial number of a tank and wish to find out the manufacture date call or leave us a message at 902-226-0055 or email info@arichatmetal.com and someone will be happy to help answer your questions.

Your tank should be installed by a trained installer in accordance with the
Canadian Standards Association's CSA B-139, Installation Code for
Oil-Burning Equipment (latest recognized edition) and the National Fire Code
of Canada (latest edition). The tank installer shall consult with the
authority having jurisdiction to ensure that the requirements of the
CAN/ULC, latest edition for the type of tank you are installing, S602 for
Double Bottom Oil Tank, S-601 Aboveground-Horizontal Double Wall Oil Tank
and S652 Aboveground-Horizontal for the collection of Used Oil

The CAN/ULC-S601 Double Wall & the CAN/ULC S652 Used Oil Installation
Instruction Recommendations & Warranty are listed here. 

AMF Commercial Installation & Warranty

Installation instructions for the double bottom/residential tanks

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