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Welcome to Arichat Metal Fabrication Limited

Arichat Metal Fabrication Limited
owner, John Boudreau, has worked in the Oil Industry for over 30 years. His hard work and experience from an oil truck delivery driver, a welder, a manager and now owner, has helped develop his leadership and commitment to producing top quality products at affordable prices.

We employ several staff members such as welders, laborers, office staff and delivery drivers. Our welders have over 10 years on the job experience. They are CWB approved and tested regularly. With our staff's knowledge and skill, we build a high quality, durable tank that we are proud of.


We manufacture commercial & residential oil tanks, used-oil tanks and other special order tanks that are ULC Approved. Our oil tanks are individually tested for leaks and defects before they are stamped approved.

Please see the Documentation Section under Installation Recommendations & Warranties of this website for the (home oil tank) Domestic Tank Warranty.It explains the criteria for 15 year warranty on a 2.8mm (12 gauge) steel domestic double bottom tanks. Arichat Metal Fabrication Limited holds $2,000,000.00 environmental damage coverage per incident in the case of faulty welds and workmanship leading to the release of product.

Arichat Metal Fabrication Limited